Our mission is to provide essential home and
community-based care that maximizes independence

Our mission is to provide essential home and community-based care that maximizes independence



Are you – or a senior loved one – in need of meals to maintain your health? Senior Connections’ Meals On Wheels program provides several options, including hot, nutritious meals delivered to your door. Through grants, donations and the Older Americans Act, we may be able to provide great tasting, healthy meals at little or no cost to you.

Some restrictions apply depending on delivery area, number of meals delivered and frequency. While our funding varies, to qualify for meal assistance, you must be 60 years or older.


  • Daily hot meals delivered to your door
  • Weekly frozen meals for easy reheating
  • Family style meals for adult day cares, schools, businesses and social groups
  • Catering for special occasions (proceeds benefit our meal program)


  • Regular – A wide variety of freshly prepared meals averaging between 600 and 700 calories, including entrée, two vegetables, bread (depending on calorie and carb count of meal), dessert and beverage.
  • Diabetes – The meals in this menu are calorie-controlled and contain the appropriate amount of carbohydrates for someone with diabetes. Desserts consist of sugar-free options or fruit, to limit the rise of blood sugar levels.
  • Mechanical Soft Menu – The Mechanical Soft Menu is for those who have difficulty chewing due due to trouble swallowing.  The foods are chopped and any tough, chewy, or very dry foods will be avoided.  There are also no raw fruits or vegetables.
  • Modified for Low Sodium – The 2-gram Sodium Menu is intended for those who want meals with a lower salt or sodium content, such as those with hypertension.  Each meal typically contains 700mg sodium or less and is lower in sodium compared to our regular meals.  
  • No Concentrated Sweets – This menu contains no concentrated sweets in the dessert portion.  Desserts will typically be fruit or a sugar-free option of cake, cookies, pudding, etc.  These meals may be very similar in calorie content to our Regular Menu, but with a different dessert.
  • Renal Meals – This kidney-friendly menu is designed for those with Chronic Kidney Disease. However, it is not recommended for those on dialysis. Each meal contains a lower sodium and potassium content.   All protein foods (meat, poultry, and fish) are limited to 2-ounce servings. Cranberry juice served as beverage.
  • Vegetarian Menu – The Vegetarian Menu is similar in nutrition content as our Regular Menu but contains no meat, poultry, or fish. Our staff will work with you to determine the best meal solution for you.
Sample Menu


  • Typically, the cost of a hot delivered meal, delivered each day to your door is $6.00.
  • This cost may be covered by government or grant funding for low-income seniors who qualify.
  • Partial pay options may be available if you don’t qualify for full meal cost.
  • Private pay meals can be purchased by credit card or check.



To inquire about meal service, please email our Customer Service Team.